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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Media Industry are Uneasy with YouTube Craze

A recent and short report at ECommerce Times 21-March-06, discusses the a growing unease within the media industry regarding increasing consumer interest in the YouTube craze.

Related stories at ECT:-
The thing is, the established media industry "Once again" have little idea how they are going to manage the latest craze! (Not invited to the party?)

It reminds me fondly of the time when I listened to Pirate "Radio Caroline" being broadcast from offshore; but to a UK audience which included myself. The sound quality was poor at the time, but the quality of the material and the passion and interest with the teenagers of the day, contributed to an increase in the depth of musical tastes we enjoy from the more established broadcasters today. There are a few sites discussing fondly the Pirate Radio of the period, one such site is Nostalgiacentral

Unfortunately when I said the media industry have little idea, what I really meant to say was that for the majority of the established and traditional media providers / suppliers, the only idea they have is to pursue Digital Rights Management as a way to delay, rather than embrace an inevitable culture progression. (Driven forward by the teenage culture of the day)

I look at the Podcasting craze taking hold today as similar to the Pop-Music and Pop-Video craze of Yesterday. Do you think any of the traditional media providers and suppliers have got it yet?

That is a great question Mike. I think most do not get it, some partially get it and all of them are too busy resisting change instead of reinventing themselves in light of this inevitable future that will soon come upon them. To some degree News Corp gets it, or otherwise they would not buy MySpace for so much money. The rest of the established media world is way behind. The problem is that companies like Yahoo and Google (which totally get it) are working hard on capturing big chunks of the ad revenue traditionally owned by the established media, so these guys must move fast or face extinction.

It seems that the UK is quite savvy to the Podcast craze, here is an item on the subject today from the BBC, where as I suspected the craze is actually across a larger spectrum of age groups than many initially understood.


What all these current surveys cannot probably pick-up on, is the overall ease by which Podcasts of all types will be listened to in the future. Software is developing at an amazing rate to allow users to take advantage of what is on offer in a multiplicity of ways. Podcasters are quickly realising that making their Podcast available in a variety of formats helps with their Podcasts availability and therefore market share.

Go see this video. Explains why net neutrality is a concept worth working to maintain, and why it is threatened.


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